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1TB Samsung Spinpoint 2.5" Hard Drive ST1000LM024 for $59.99

From Newegg

Wings on your mobile! Samsung’s Spinpoint M8 series employs advanced format technology (AFT) that raises the data storage density per unit area, enabling efficient and convenient data storage. It operates on a high-performance 3 gigabits per second SATA interface, provides an eight megabyte buffer memory and incorporates EcoSeek and NoiseGuard features for minimal noise levels. A redesign of the overall structure ensures enhanced shock resistance to protect the disc from physical fracture and data loss. Fast and reliable with a 5400rpm spin speed and 8MB buffer, Samsung’s Spinpoint M8 series is the perfect choice for use in mobile computing applications such as notebooks.--

Coupon Code: EMCWXWX39
Deal Posted at 10/10/2013
1TB Samsung Spinpoint 2.5Hard Drive ST1000LM024
$109.99 $59.99  Free Shipping 


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